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Registration Update: Englewood Athletics will no longer use FamilyID for athletic registration. The new registration platform is PlanetHS. Instructions for how to create and account and register are here and here.

Eligibility Policy:  Students enrolled at Englewood Middle School, Englewood Leadership Academy, and

Englewood High School are eligible to participate in Englewood Middle School’s sports offerings. Students may participate sports based on their current grade level.

In order to compete in any contest students must adhere to the academic and behavioral standards. Students must be passing all class they are currently enrolled in order to participate in a contest. Therefore, a grade of “F” or percentage of 59 and below will result in ineligibility for that week’s contests. Student with a letter grade of “D” are eligible for the week’s competition, including team travel. The eligibility cycle runs Monday to Saturday each week of the sports season. Students eligibility status is determined after grades are pulled on Friday afternoon and remains their status for the entire week to follow regardless of grade changes, positive or negative, that occur during the week. Students may still, and are expected to, attend practice during periods of ineligibility. Exceptions to eligibility requirements are rare and can only be made by the school’s athletic director or building principal. Students are expected to take their academic performance seriously and work towards excellence in the classroom as well as on the field. Coaches and the school athletic director will coordinate efforts for checking and maintaining eligibility.

Students must also maintain behavioral expectations at all times, in or out of the sports season. Students that receive an “major behavioral referral” may be deemed ineligible for the week’s contest in which the referral was received. Ongoing discipline problems may result in suspension or dismissal from athletic activities. The school’s athletic director, dean of students, principal, and coaches will consider discipline issues on a case by case basis. Student athletes are expected maintain behavioral expectations at school, practice, at contest, both home and away, and during transportation. Any behaviors or discipline issues with a nexus to school or athletics may result in eligibility actions from administration. Suspended students, in or out of school, may not attend practice or contest for the period of the suspension.

Students are expected to attend all practices and team functions as a condition of eligibility. Students are required to attend school regularly in order to maintain eligibility. Students must attend at least a half day of school (4 hours) to participate in practice or a contest.