Remote Learning


The EHS Remote Learning program is structured to provide students with both synchronous and asynchronous instruction. For asynchronous sessions, we will use the Edgenuity platform to allow students to work independently at their own pace.  Your student will receive their Edgenuity account and login information in a separate email. Please watch this introduction video that covers the student experience in Edgenuity.

In addition to asynchronous learning, students will have required synchronous instruction each week. Per the Colorado Department of Education requirements, students must receive a minimum of 20% synchronous instruction in each class, each week. This includes live interaction with teachers to provide targeted feedback, address questions, and provide opportunities for student-teacher and/or student-student collaboration.  Attendance will be taken in each of these classes. Synchronous sessions will be held via Zoom with the expectation that students must have their camera on, have their face visible the entire time, and participate in order to be marked as present and receive credit.  

All families will need to complete a Colorado residency form in order to participate in remote learning. You will receive an email from Priscilla Morales with instructions on how to complete this form in the Infinite Campus parent portal. Should you have any questions, please contact her at
Here are some important reminders for families. 

  • Zoom meetings are required, please click here to find the weekly schedule for the zoom meetings. 
  • Student schedules are available in Infinite Campus, and classes are loaded into Edgenuity. 
  • Students should be logging on to their Edgenuity accounts and working on their classes daily.
  • Students should be logging into Infinite campus daily to mark their attendance, even days that they have zoom sessions. Click here for a short video on how to take attendance.  
  • If your student needs chromebook support, reach out to and let them know what the issue is and they will get back to you with next steps. 
  • Here is a link to a calendar for the semester detailing schedules and events for Remote Learning. We will work hard to make sure this calendar is updated weekly if there are changes (snow days, etc.), so please bookmark this calendar.
  • If you haven’t already, please read the Remote Learning Handbook and Remote Learning Frequently Asked Questions. Both of these documents have been updated since our Monday orientation meeting.


  • During the school year the "Actual Grade"  will be used to track progress and will be reported in the Infinite Campus gradebook once a week on Friday.

  • At the end of the semester the "Relative Grade" will be used for report cards and will be the grade posted on the transcript. 


Tips to Maintain Adequate Progress in Edgenuity

Connect with your child and be a partner in his/her education

  • Ask questions about his/her school work:

    • Do you need help? Do you know when you can connect with your teacher?

    • What did your learning focus on today?

    • What did you accomplish today?

    • Did you find anything challenging today? If so, how did you overcome that challenge?

    • How can you apply what you learned? 

    • What connections did you make with your learning?


Orientation Video

Click here to watch the Orientation Video from 8/16/21 

Passcode: ?ki92NpM